PIPELAB supports construction companies with a reliable and coherent reporting, technical drawings and other detailed design documents. PIPELAB coordinates the technical communication with all involved parties (client, suppliers, contractor, sub-contractors, etc.) in a collaborative, cooperative and open-minded but also critical way. PIPELAB guarantees for a prosperous project management and handling and helps to achieve an excellent reputation for all poroject participants and for sucessful future biddings: 

  • PIPELAB offers the implementation of a thorough and proper hydraulic station / system investigation and station piping stress analysis. 
  • If required during final design, PIPELAB provides holistic parameter and feasibility studies to e.g. find the optimal relocation of the piping or the shortes closing / opening times for valves.
  • The preparation and / or review of the following documents is covered by PIPELAB: Wall Thickness Report, Station Piping Hydraulic Report, System Hydraulic Report, Station Piping Stress Analysis Report & Isometric Drawings, Operation Philosophy, HAZOP Meeting, Vent & Drain Calculation, P&ID, Guide Drawing, 3D Model, etc.


For the commissioning preparation PIPELAB supports the client with the organisation and provision of the following basic documents: 

  • Line fill, startup and test on commissioning procedure
  • Station functional / sequencial test forms
  • System functional / sequencial test forms 

After the conduction of the tests the following reports will be provided by PIPELAB:

  • Station functional / sequencial test reports
  • System functional / sequencial test reports
  • Performance test report (including validation of formerly conducted hydraulic investigations)

In addition, PIPELAB supports the startup manager with on-site assistance upon request (e.g. if any issues in terms of DCS, control system or hydraulics during the commissioning phase are faced)


As hydraulic expert, PIPELAB reviews hydraulic investigations as well as pipe stress analysis and further final design documents provided by third parties. In this respect PIPELAB fits perfectly into the role of the approval engineer.  

Expert reviews and approvals 

During tender and final design and for feasibility studies, challenging specific hydraulic or stress & control system related problems can arise. With expertise, profound knowledge, state-of-the-art software packages and excellent programming skills PIPELAB is most suitable to highlight the specific issues and to come up with the most reliable, technical solution in a cost-effective and efficient way.  

Specific hydraulic, stress & control system investigations 

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